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 GEG is a boutique educational consultancy in Washington, DC. We provide exemplary support to navigate competitive secondary and post-secondary school admissions in the USA, improving outcomes for students and their families. In meticulously coaching for and directing educational placements, we offer extensive expertise on high school and college admissions. Our staff hold advanced degrees and have decades of experience in teaching and mentoring high school students, placing them in top-tier colleges and universities. Also, all of us have taught college students, and we are global citizens who attended international schools and studied abroad.

Admissions Experience

Harvard College, Harvard Business School, Princeton, Yale, MIT, Stanford University, Yale NUS with Full Scholarship, University of Chicago, Columbia, U Penn, Brown, Duke,  Cornell, Johns Hopkins, Georgetown College, Georgetown Business School, Georgetown Law School, U of Michigan Ann Arbor, NYU with Full Scholarship, UC Berkeley, UCLA, UVA, UNC, MCPHS, etc.


The GEG Team

The GEG team has over 16 years of collective admissions consulting experience with more than 1,000 admitted clients. Our experienced staff includes the following as well as other specialists who are ready to help you on your admissions journey.


Maggie Ronkin Ph.D.

Maggie Ronkin studied sociocultural anthropology, Asian Studies, and, ultimately, discourse analytic linguistics at Georgetown University. She trained to teach rhetoric and composition and assisted Georgetown’s Dean of Languages and Linguistics. She taught in interdisciplinary and multi-site classroom initiatives that she conceived and launched at Georgetown and Harvard Universities.

Maggie has helped into the top schools such as Harvard, Yale, Oxford, MIT, Columbia, University of Pennsylvania, University of Chicago, Brown, Dartmouth, Duke, Johns Hopkins, Cornell, Georgetown, Northwestern, Berkeley, Cal Tech, etc. 

Contact Us

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